Chris Anderson was born Aug 1st 1960 in the twin island state of Trinidad &Tobago. These are the last 2 islands in the Caribbean archipelago. Chris is an artist/designer with a long career in the jewelry arts, he is also an avid gardener. Chris has never left his homeland for long, in 1986 he married Nicole and they have two children Monique and Eamon. They reside in Petit Valley 10 minutes outside the capital of Port of Spain.
    In 1980 Chris studied photography in Canada for one year as a side to his jewelry major. From this early study and the fact Chris's dad was a photo enthusiast, photography was always a tempting subject. With the advances in digital technology Chris finally began his photographic journey in 2005, starting from a point and shoot to Canon DSLR high end cameras. Largely self taught the last few years have been a tough but delightful trial for him.
   Chris's galleries show his on going evolution. His love for vintage architecture and the old cultural ways of the past to more recently nature and landscape as his kit expands. His best work can be purchased online or at better gift shops/galleries around the capital Port of Spain in limited editions. 

Artist Statement: 
Welcome, thanks for taking time to view my site. After years of working indoors I am now embarking on a photographic journey that takes me to the outdoors. It is a nice new balance. I have always loved to travel, to see and experience new things and my love for off road motorbikes allows me to exploring every country dirt road or abandoned track in the landscape. I feel nourished after each trip. 
   I like the technical side but enjoy the artistic elements of photography more. It is for me much more than just documenting a moment, so many things have to coincide with mind and instinct to get it right. Elements of content and personal vision blend with the cameras capabilities to create with perspective, composition, light, colour, depth etc. At the end I want the best results given the circumstances.
   I am inspired to show photography as a worthy art form and to be also worthy of its greatness. At the end I am also inspired by the viewer who connect in some way to the work and am always honoured to be artistically appreciated. It is the final joy.

Thanks again for visiting and I would be happy for any feedback on the images, 
please pass this site on to a friend or friends.

Chris A.

Mail - [email protected]